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How a Showgirl Really Defies Gravity

Maren Wade’s Confessions of a Showgirl: How a Showgirl Really Defies Gravity (Photo Credit: Jack Fleming)

Click here to read full article in Las Vegas Weekly

A wise witch one said: “I’m through accepting limits because someone says they’re so. Some things I cannot change. But until I try, I’ll never know! Too long I’ve been afraid of losing love I guess I’ve lost. Well, if that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost! It’s time to try defying gravity. I think I’ll try defying gravity and you won’t bring me down.” –Elphaba Thropp in Wicked (Okay, technically, it was lyricist and composer Stephen Schwartz, but I’m a showgirl not a technician.)

This post is a story about a showgirl who had the exact same journey as Elphaba. Except she wasn’t green. (It would be hard to get a job as a green showgirl, at least until they make the musical version of Star Trek.) This showgirl was hearing impaired.

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