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A Showgirl's Superbowl

Maren Wade’s Confessions of a Showgirl: A Showgirl’s Superbowl

It’s like a basketball game. You anxiously watch the ball go back and forth. Suddenly, one side makes a play. He shoots! He scores! Touchdown!

Okay, I have a confession to make. I don’t know much about sports. But the debate over which city is better, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, seems like the Super Bowl of all arguments.

Since I’ve lived in both places, I’ll weigh in.Think of me as the referee while I compare both cities in some popular categories.

Best City to Raise a Family

Both score points in this set. Next time you go out, whether it’s to dinner (in LA) or a nightclub (in Vegas), take notice of how many fathers spend quality time with their daughters. I mean, where else do you see so many older men being so attentive? They’re busy wining and dining the apples of their eyes. It brings warmth to my heart.

Running Total – Las Vegas: 1 vs. LA: 1

Most Attractive Population

Speaking of those men’s daughters, they are all so young and gorgeous not to mention talented. In LA, they are all actresses with carefully crafted beach waves of hair that are too perfect to have come from the beach. They also work so hard. On top of acting, they waiton tables.

In Las Vegas, you have, voila, the showgirls, who carefully spend their time getting stuck in cakes, fishnets and sequins,  chicken costumes, zig-zag boxes  … is there anything I missed? Anyway, all the while maintaining the glitter and glamour that is a Vegas Showgirl. I think Vegas should score the point this quarter for the chicken costume alone.

Running Total – Las Vegas: 2 vs. LA: 1

City with the Best Transportation

In LA, it takes 45 minutes to travel 5 miles because you’re stuck in traffic.

In Vegas, you’re not stuck in traffic. You’re stuck at the traffic light for the whole 45 minutes. Las Vegas gets a point reduction on this one. Told you this race was a nail biter.

Running total – Las Vegas: 1 vs. LA: 1

Most Athletic City

We’ve all heard it and I’m here to verify. Nobody walks in LA. In Vegas, you can walk for miles and that’s just from your car to the casino.

I’m not a big fan of walking since I only own shoes with heels. I am in favor of it, theoretically.

I’ll give LA a point on this inning.

Running Total – LA: 2 vs. Las Vegas: 1

Most Stylish City

LA is famous for its style but it can be too stylish for its own good. For instance, many restaurants won’t allow men to wear caps, or they restrict women when it comes to other popular accessories, such as Chihuahuas.

Las Vegas establishments have certain restrictions as well. There are signs, which read: “No firearms or weapons permitted on this property.”

I’m a big fan of Chihuahuas. (I have two … They’re rescues … Their names are Gidget and Lenny … Want to see a picture?) Now where was I? I’ll let Gidget and Lenny decide this round.

Running Total – Las Vegas: 2 vs. LA: 2

City with the Most Diversity

Both cities have many colorful characters. In Los Angeles, you might see a wild and animated redhead, hard at work, pushing around his shopping cart and speaking to his imaginary friends.

In Vegas, that guy has his own show!

Score – Las Vegas: 3 vs. LA: 3

So let’s see, what’s the score? It’s a tie! What do they do in sports when it’s a tie? Do they go into overtime? Well, in that case Las Vegas wins by a goal!

You can’t compete with a city that stays open 24/7!


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